Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350,” Founder Explains Why

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Dear Facebook – everyone knows that it doesn’t matter if Oculus will be available for 300, 400 or 500 USD. I know that quality costs a lot. It’s not cost makes your product less interesting for me than VIVE (which also costs a lot) – you have same resolution as VIVE, no controllers attached (xbox pad is a joke – I can buy this for 15 bucks on ebay), much worse tracking (VR sitting experience… ), and no virtual grid.

I will be always respect Palmer for 1) the resurrection of VR dream, 2) really believing in product. But – in my opinion – he lost touch with reality. VR is just a toy for gamers win a free Oculus Rift – and even not for constant gaming, only for momentary use. I know that, because I was unable to interest ordinary people with Gear Vr for more than 30 seconds. WOW… boring.360 degree video oculus

Yes, absolutely… you’re dumb too. To start with… Oculus has not been delayed over and over”. There never was any hard date for CV1 in 2015. There was a lot of media speculation. Oculus sold out to facebook? That sell out is leading to a much better Oculus with custom hardware. If it wasn’t for Palmer – Valve and Sony wouldn’t have competing products. Sony would just be trying to sell their crappy HMZ at $1500.

You don’t see why it’s expensive because you don’t see. Not because it’s too expensive… it’s just that you can’t understand why it’s more than you want it to be. It’s really a waste of time trying to explain why the price will be more than $350 but it has a lot to do with extensive research & development from a large team of scientists, engineers, coders and designers. Cost of hardware including new engineering challenges. $350+ is a bargain when you consider that before Oculus there was Sony at $1500 or Vuzix offering non-gaming and low performance VR at more than $350.

Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350,” Founder Explains Why