Sony PS VR Headset Price Potentially Leaked, Software Lineup Detailed By Sony

The next Oculus film was created using the Touch VR interface and the animations look like something from a dream.

The other issue with comparing the oculus rift to a smartphone is that most people don’t pay the sticker price for their smartphone. An iPhone 6 costs upwards of $550. A Samsung 6 might cost even more than that. No one other than enthusiasts likely pay these prices, however, because for most people their smartphones are subsidized as part of signing a cell service contract.

Product leaks on Amazon are fairly common, though they don’t always accurately reflect a product’s release date nor price. With that said, consider this price has a possibility – though it seems a bit too high based on Sony’s previous comments of wanting PS VR to be priced similarly to that of a console. If Amazon Canada’s listing is to be believed, PS VR could launch at a staggering price of $809 USD or CND $1125.35. Launching at, or around, a price of $800 would place PS VR well beyond the launch price of free Oculus Rift, which will release at a more affordable price of $599.

While Sony was silent on launch and price details, the company did disclose to BBC via an interview that developers are working on more than 100 titles for the PS VR headset. Sony has shown that they are committed to the technology and reports have indicated that some of their big developers have projects underway – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood being one such example.

The frustration erupted even though many saw the price coming. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey had hinted in recent weeks that Rift would be more expensive than bandied about guesses because the first go of Rift would be produced in limited quantities, include high-end components and not be heavily subsidized.oculus rift 360 degree video

Sony PS VR Headset Price Potentially Leaked, Software Lineup Detailed By Sony