Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350,” Founder Explains Why

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Dear Facebook – everyone knows that it doesn’t matter if Oculus will be available for 300, 400 or 500 USD. I know that quality costs a lot. It’s not cost makes your product less interesting for me than VIVE (which also costs a lot) – you have same resolution as VIVE, no controllers attached (xbox pad is a joke – I can buy this for 15 bucks on ebay), much worse tracking (VR sitting experience… ), and no virtual grid.

I will be always respect Palmer for 1) the resurrection of VR dream, 2) really believing in product. But – in my opinion – he lost touch with reality. VR is just a toy for gamers win a free Oculus Rift – and even not for constant gaming, only for momentary use. I know that, because I was unable to interest ordinary people with Gear Vr for more than 30 seconds. WOW… boring.360 degree video oculus

Yes, absolutely… you’re dumb too. To start with… Oculus has not been delayed over and over”. There never was any hard date for CV1 in 2015. There was a lot of media speculation. Oculus sold out to facebook? That sell out is leading to a much better Oculus with custom hardware. If it wasn’t for Palmer – Valve and Sony wouldn’t have competing products. Sony would just be trying to sell their crappy HMZ at $1500.

You don’t see why it’s expensive because you don’t see. Not because it’s too expensive… it’s just that you can’t understand why it’s more than you want it to be. It’s really a waste of time trying to explain why the price will be more than $350 but it has a lot to do with extensive research & development from a large team of scientists, engineers, coders and designers. Cost of hardware including new engineering challenges. $350+ is a bargain when you consider that before Oculus there was Sony at $1500 or Vuzix offering non-gaming and low performance VR at more than $350.

Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350,” Founder Explains Why

Sony PS VR Headset Price Potentially Leaked, Software Lineup Detailed By Sony

The next Oculus film was created using the Touch VR interface and the animations look like something from a dream.

The other issue with comparing the oculus rift to a smartphone is that most people don’t pay the sticker price for their smartphone. An iPhone 6 costs upwards of $550. A Samsung 6 might cost even more than that. No one other than enthusiasts likely pay these prices, however, because for most people their smartphones are subsidized as part of signing a cell service contract.

Product leaks on Amazon are fairly common, though they don’t always accurately reflect a product’s release date nor price. With that said, consider this price has a possibility – though it seems a bit too high based on Sony’s previous comments of wanting PS VR to be priced similarly to that of a console. If Amazon Canada’s listing is to be believed, PS VR could launch at a staggering price of $809 USD or CND $1125.35. Launching at, or around, a price of $800 would place PS VR well beyond the launch price of free Oculus Rift, which will release at a more affordable price of $599.

While Sony was silent on launch and price details, the company did disclose to BBC via an interview that developers are working on more than 100 titles for the PS VR headset. Sony has shown that they are committed to the technology and reports have indicated that some of their big developers have projects underway – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood being one such example.

The frustration erupted even though many saw the price coming. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey had hinted in recent weeks that Rift would be more expensive than bandied about guesses because the first go of Rift would be produced in limited quantities, include high-end components and not be heavily subsidized.oculus rift 360 degree video

Sony PS VR Headset Price Potentially Leaked, Software Lineup Detailed By Sony

Why We Think The Oculus Rift Is Still The Best VR Headset (Hands

We used the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR this week. It wasn’t our first time with any of the headsets, but it was the first time we used all three at the same event, and within the same week-long time frame.

In the humble beginnings of Oculus , the company sought to create an affordable consumer VR headset that would fall around the $300/$350 price point of the Rift DK1 and DK2 development kits. Much has changed since then and in recent years the company has shied away from specific price claims, but Oculus founder Palmer Luckey closed the gap on one end of the spectrum regarding the price of the Oculus Rift.360 degree video camera oculus rift

It would really suck if you put something out there and people were like ‘ah man… the Rift is good, but it’s not quite there’, you know? ‘If only it was a little better, if the lenses were a little better, if the resolution was a little free Oculus Rift VR headset better, if the screens had been a little bit better, then it would be great because you’d you’d say ‘god, we could have just charged a little more and put a little bit more money into custom hardware and actually achieve that’.

Hey, Gately! Don’t you ever get tired of SHITTING on every-single-thing that Oculus says or does? Although you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I gotta tell you that you sound like a petty troll. Thankfully, Oculus seems to be making all the right decisions, and appears on-track to release a revolutionary product that will change the very nature of entertainment & communication. I guess you Oculus/Facebook haters will be quite disappointed.

I don’t care what it costs! I’ve got the PC and the cash just waiting to go. I’m so impressed by the DK2 that I’m convinced CV1 is gonna be a great experience when it finally gets here. I’m expecting to pay £500+ in March and I’m gonna count myself lucky to be a part of another turning point in gaming history. No-one complains that Ferraris are overpriced when they have a Corsa sitting on the drive so why is this any different? This is a luxury experience that thankfully everyone will be able to afford, maybe not straight away, but if you want it that bad you’ll save up and get it when you can. If you really can’t afford the kit then maybe you should be looking elsewhere to get your gaming fix.

Honestly, I am a little bumped by this, right now we have the mobile VR solutions that aren’t /that/ good at a low price point, then there is Sony Morpheus which is going to cost as much or more than the Playstation 4 itself (probably low market adoption), next we have the HTC Vive which is going to be relatively expensive (it was supposed to be a higher end option and is produced by a company that needs to make a profit from day 1). All in all it means that serious VR adoption for the ‘normal’ market will take at least till the 2nd generation headsets.360 degree video oculus

Why We Think The Oculus Rift Is Still The Best VR Headset (Hands

Oculus Rift Features, Pricing, Release Date And Everything Else You Need To Know

It’s very likely 2016 will be the year gaming changed forever. That’s because there’s a slew of high profile virtual reality devices ready to launch this year including the Sony PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive. But without a doubt the biggest VR launch of the year will be the Oculus Rift. This is the device that most people think of when they think virtual reality”. It will immerse us heads first into a world where we can look around and see digital objects that are just as lifelike as physical ones.oculus rift 360 degree video

Both headsets have IPD (inter-pupillary distance) adjusters, but the Vive’s isn’t quite as obvious. It’s a small piece of plastic you turn, as opposed to the slider on the bottom of the Oculus Rift. I found adjusting the slider on the Oculus Rift made a huge difference in focus and clarity, as I positioned the lenses properly for my eyes. I found the effect on the Vive much less obvious, and wasn’t even sure it was working, at first. It seemed to make a very small difference in focus, but perhaps I wasn’t adjusting it to its extremes (but I did turn the little knob a lot).

Despite using the IPD adjustment on the free Oculus Rift, I was seeing a half moon-like ring of the display on the left and right periphery of my vision, and it felt like i needed to be able to adjust the IPD outwards more to compensate. It’s a hard thing to describe—almost like a reflection from the edges of the lenses. I think this was an anomaly with the fit of the particular headset I was trying, as I haven’t always experienced this vision effect on other Oculus Rift Crescent Bay dev kits or the final consumer Rift. But the fit seemed right, as the display in the center of my vision was in sharp focus.

The Oculus Rift is absolutely the more comfortable headset. It’s lighter and much easier to keep in place, partially thanks to its strap system, but mostly, I think, due to its weight. It’s the more comfortable device to handle thanks to its fabric covering. The Vive really feels like development hardware, bursting with raw potential but still a bit ungainly. Putting on the Oculus immediately afterward makes it feel much more like a consumer-ready, heavily iterated piece of tech.

The hardware of these two headsets isn’t everything. Your decision about which, if any, to buy will be influenced by price, ease of use, and the games playable on each. I couldn’t begin to compare those elements in two short back-to-back testing sessions. But with the Oculus Rift only a couple months away, and the Vive following soon after, we’ll have that chance soon enough.

Oculus Rift Features, Pricing, Release Date And Everything Else You Need To Know