Could Apple’s Interest In VR Spell The End For Oculus?

Speaking during Apple’s quarterly earnings call, Cook hinted at Apple’s interest in the VR space. While he didn’t give too much away, his words are a ringing endorsement that even Apple sees a future in the technology.

The consumer version actually looks and feels like a final product, with the latest headset lighter and more comfortable than ever before. The headband has been revamped, with a larger panel around the back to keep it securely fitted to your head. This time around I was allowed to fit the headset myself, reducing the light leakage and ensuring that I had the most comfortable positioning.

Even though it’s a third-person adventure, it doesn’t limit the sense of immersion you feel playing with the Oculus Rift. I found myself feeling a little scared and nervous, turning around to check how close the creatures were on my tail. This was especially true near the end of the demo, when I found myself in a cosy front room with no explanation. But before I could work out what was happening, a set of tentacles started wrapping themselves around my eyes and it all went dark.360 degree video oculus

Oculus Rift contest is certainly a new way to experience a platformer as fireballs whizz past your head as you navigate the moving platforms using the Xbox One controller in your hand. It feels strange not to experience a VR title from the first-person perspective, but it gives you an idea as to how more traditional games can be conveyed in virtual reality.

We’ve been working with some of the top developers in the industry to create incredible, new made for VR games and experiences. In 2016 alone, Oculus Studios will introduce more than 20 games oculus rift that are coming exclusively to Oculus this year, including Rockband VR by Harmonix , Edge of Nowhere by Insomniac , and The Climb by Crytek We’ll be announcing additional titles soon!

The first thing to know is that none of them suck. All three give you the basic VR experience of transporting you somewhere else. There are greater and lesser degrees of this, which vary across platform and across individual titles, but it’s not as if one of them is 100 percent pure VR and the others are.. something far short of that. If any one of them were the only virtual reality that existed, we’d still be excited about this emerging frontier.360 degree video camera oculus rift

Could Apple’s Interest In VR Spell The End For Oculus?