Here’s The Final Oculus Rift, Coming In Early 2016

A lot has changed since the last time I talked to Palmer Luckey, the 23-year-old creator of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Partnering with Microsoft to ensure rock solid Windows 10 support, Oculus has taken the bold move of initially selling the headset without VR-specific controllers, opting instead to give everyone an Xbox One controller. This enables developers to target a single controller that everyone will have, and is the most familiar control method that developers have been working with since the very first Oculus development kit back in 2012.

If you need to replace your entire PC and have decided to buy a Rift, you may want to look at the Oculus-approved PC bundles being offered by Dell. For $1,500, you’ll get a suitably win a free Oculus Rift powerful PC and the headset itself, saving around $200 on the regular retail price, and you may even receive your bundle earlier than those who have pre-ordered just the headset.oculus rift 360 degree video

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed is a Myst-like adventure game, but looks to be a great example of how games could integrate room-scale VR experiences. They’ve developed a Blink motion system, which enables players to both walk around their Chaperone area, and teleport in an instant to further distances. The system allows for various play space sizes.

free Oculus Rift cost 599$, and if Lucky was not lying about not making money off of it(maybe little), there is no way that HTC Vive will cost less than 1000$. HTC is not doing well as a company(cell phones) and must(most likely) make profit off of Vive to continue. HTC has mentioned that Vive will be more expensive than Rift(I know that it was when Lucky said it’ll be 350$ ish but still…) and I read in multiple articles that HTC was happy with cost of Rift” and guessing more happy that it’s 599$ without the touch controller. Based on all the articles and most of comments left on those articles, HTC Vive will most likely not be under 1000$. If I had to guess, more like 1200$.

Here’s The Final Oculus Rift, Coming In Early 2016