Oculus Rift Preview

The Oculus Rift is now available to pre-order via the Oculus Shop , with orders limited to one per customer.

Oculus has shown by far the best and biggest variety of VR content. Part of that is because the company is very open showcasing content for the media, but what we’ve seen on the other platforms is very thin by comparison. Oculus Rift giveaway For example, the Vive demo we saw this week was basically the exact same thing we saw last July – it added a showcase of the headset’s new camera system, but the game/experience demos themselves were nearly identical.

In our Oculus demos, meanwhile, we could choose from around 20 demos to play – half using the wireless Xbox One gamepad that ships in the box, and half using the Oculus Touch controllers that will ship later this year. Some are better than others, and not all are Rift exclusives, but when we play Oculus games, we see at least five or six that have the potential to be generation-defining experiences (two of them, Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie, are bundled with the Rift). We just haven’t seen that on the other two platforms. At least not yet.

The Oculus Touch controllers are still outstanding – these are going to be must-have accessories for anyone buying the Rift. They give you hands in first-person games and experiences; they’re light, comfortable and responsive, and their buttons correspond perfectly to natural gripping gestures. Oculus Touch demos where you have pistols in your hands, like Bullet Train and Dead and Buried, are some of the best experiences you can have right now in VR.360 degree video oculus

That leaves Chaperone, HTC’s feature that uses the front-facing camera to show you obstacles, as its only clear advantage right now. If you’re 100 percent invested in the room-scale aspect from the get-go, then that could make it the better choice for you. For everyone else, though, we’d recommend going where the content is, and so far that’s the Rift.

Oculus Rift Preview