Update On Elite: Dangerous Status For The Oculus Rift

Those following virtual reality developments got up to some surprising news this morning, with headlines blasting that Frontier’s high-profile area sim Elite: Dangerous was dropping Oculus Rift support in favor of the SteamVR-powered HTC Vive. Those headlines were particularly surprising considering that Elite: Dangerous had been one of the best displays for the Oculus Rift development kits up until now.

It turns out that those preliminary headlines were wrong– or at the minimum deceptive. Elite: Dangerous is still prepared for the Oculus Rift, as it has actually been all along. “This is not real. I wish people would examine their truths,” Elite CEO David Braben tweeted in response to among those early headlines.

The source of the confusion appears to be a declaration Frontier gave to Eurogamer, stating that “right now, we’ve decided to concentrate on SteamVR. We haven’t cut an exclusivity deal with any VR maker, and we’re still working with Oculus on Rift support.”.

Despite the fact that Frontier points out the lack of exclusivity and continued work on Oculus support right there in the declaration, Eurogamer’s headline in some way ended up being “Elite: Dangerous doesn’t formally support Oculus Rift …” That take was quickly parroted by numerous other outlets.

Frontier did stop supporting brand-new variations of Oculus’ dev kit SDK in October. At the time, however, the company said it was awaiting a final, steady advancement environment from Oculus instead of continuously remodeling the game for regular pre-release modifications to the SDK. That final environment was released by Oculus in late December. Frontier restated this position today in posts on the Elite online forums. “In case people are alarmed by the headline or confused on the information, we thought it finest to repeat what we’ve been saying since the release of the Oculus 0.6 SDK,” Frontier Head of Community Management Zac Antonaci writes. “As priced quote in the story, we are actively working with Oculus and will keep the neighborhood upgraded as soon as we are able to do so.”.

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“I can validate that there is no deal to release Elite on HTC initially,” Antonacci continues. “Valve released a stable driver before Oculus but we continue to be in close contact with Oculus.”.

Frontier is working on versions of Elite: Dangerous for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Valve’s headset is getting Frontier’s immediate focus since it was the first to provide the developer a settled advancement platform to deal with.

That’s news in and of itself; it’s unexpected that the Rift version isn’t really a central issue for Frontier just over two months prior to the Rift will begin shipping to early-bird buyers. But it’s not the possibly market-fragmenting news that was originally reported.

We’re still not sure of when Elite: Dangerous will be available for the Oculus Rift; however you can be sure to expect it at some point.  If you still have not placed your pre-order for the coolest looking VR headset coming out, and don’t want to have to spend a ton to get one, why not enter a nice little giveaway.  You can enter to win a free Oculus Rift VR headset and keep your cold hard cash for spending on awesome games like Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Dangerous Coming To Oculus Rift

Update On Elite: Dangerous Status For The Oculus Rift